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The outlook's clear for Salford residents, thanks to Malbern Windows

When it comes to double glazing, conservatories, UPVC windows and patio doors in Salford, one name makes a clear difference across the city - Malbern Windows. Over more than 25 years, the company has carried out hundreds of installations, resulting in large numbers of satisfied customers recommending Malbern Windows to their family and friends.

A major reason for its success in Salford double glazing, Salford conservatories, Salford windows, and Salford patio doors is the fact that Malbern Windows isn't just an installer - it manufactures a massive range of its own products at its factory at Denton, in Tameside. Because this plant is located right by the M60 motorway, on the company's own industrial estate, it means that Malbern Windows is ideally placed to meet the needs of customers throughout Salford looking for double glazing, windows, patio doors or conservatories.

As a manufacturer and installer, this means that Malbern Windows can offer Salford customers the reassurance that all its products are made to the highest standards they can expect. It also means that Malbern Windows is in complete control of your installation project throughout, so that you can be confident that any questions you have will be promptly answered, and with the benefit of the company's quarter century-plus of experience. For double glazing, conservatories,UPVC windows and patio doors in Salford, there's one company which offers you a clear advantage - Malbern Windows.

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