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Stunning uPVC Windows in Tameside: Quality Double Glazing for Local Homes and Businesses

Are the windows of your Tameside property in need of an upgrade? Or perhaps you’re building a new home in Broadbottom and would like to make generous use of glass in your new property. In the time since Malbern was founded in 1983, our dedicated local tradespeople have installed more than a quarter of a million uPVC windows across the North West. Our windows are manufactured at our Denton facility, and they come in a pleasing range of styles, sizes and specifications. Our windows are manufactured according to the highest industry standards and feature enhanced insulation and security for greater peace of mind.

Our Windows Achieve New Standards in Double Glazing for Tameside

If your windows are old and worn out, then there is more than the appearance of your property at stake. The newer windows supplied and installed by Malbern are manufactured to a much higher standard than those that were previously on the market. By upgrading your windows, you could see a substantial drop in your energy bills. Beyond that, you could find yourself living in a home that’s much more comfortable than it used to be.

  • A Wide Range of Options – How would you like your windows to be hinged? Whether you prefer top-level hinges, side hinges, a tilt-and-turn installation or a trickle-vent window, we have models to suit.
  • Enhanced Property Values – Your windows are one of the most notable features from your home’s exterior. By installing elegant windows from Malbern, you’ll be contributing to an overall greater property value. This is an extremely important consideration if you’re hoping to sell the property in the future.
  • New and Improved Insulation – There is always a trade-off when you choose to open up your house and let the light in with more expansive windows. Older windows notoriously let heat through with the light. This means that your thermostat has to work harder to maintain a constant temperature. Today, our double-glazed windows are injected with argon gas, which is three times more effective than traditional window insulation. This translates into lower energy bills and greater peace of mind. Your garden vistas have never looked as good as they will windows from Malbern.
  • Bevelled Edges – Our double glazing windows are manufactured with subtly elegant bevelled edges. This makes them appear slimmer and tidier than a more dated window. Improve the appearance of your house and enjoy the benefits of greater energy efficiency all at the same time.
  • Better Security – You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind with windows from Malbern. Our windows are also fitted with secure locks and internally glazed (which means would-be intruders cannot remove the glass from the outside).

From Hyde to Mossley and beyond, Malbern supplies the finest, most energy-efficient windows in Tameside. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation. It would be our pleasure to provide you with a competitive quotation that covers the manufacture, provision and installation of your beautiful new windows.