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High Quality uPVC Doors in Cheshire: Beautiful, Secure and Energy-Efficient

Our range of uPVC doors provides you with an effortless way to enhance the appearance of your home without having to compromise on security or energy efficiency. Whether your property is located in central Chester or the idyllic surrounds, our collection is sure to include options that are perfectly suited to your home.

Malbern was founded in 1983, and in the more than three decades since we have established ourselves as the leading supplier of uPVC doors across much of the North West. Our doors are fabricated at our state-of-the-art facility in Denton, and we have taken advantage of the latest breakthroughs in security, insulation and design to create doors that are both stunningly beautiful and surprisingly affordable.

A New Generation of uPVC Doors for Cheshire Residents

UPVC doors have long made an attractive addition to British homes, but it’s only recently that they’ve been able to deliver such a high level of security and insulation. Now you can install uPVC doors in Cheshire with confidence – enjoying sweeping vistas of the garden without worrying over the energy-efficiency or security of your home.

  • Improved Insulation – Traditional uPVC doors had notoriously poor performance when it came to insulation. But times have changed, and our fabrication facility is leveraging the latest insulation technology to ensure greater energy-efficiency. We use a new insulation process that relies on a layer of argon gas injected between the inner and outer panes of glass to create a much stronger barrier to heat. This means your doors will let out less heat in the winter and stop more heat from entering your home in the summer. Argon gas provides three times as much protection as traditional insulators, which means lower energy bills for your property.
  • Beautiful Garden Vistas – Our improved insulating process allows you to enjoy views of the outdoors without having to mind the thermostat. Let natural sunlight flood the interior of your home and enjoy beautiful garden vistas throughout the year.
  • A Choice of Styles and Finishes – Throughout much of the North West, many uPVC doors are available in flat, muted colours. But our fabrication facility is capable of producing just about any style and colour of door that you desire. Whether you prefer double-glazed glass or a more reserved panel finish, we can supply you with precisely the type of door that you are looking for.
  • Improved Security – Some homeowners are reluctant to install an attractive uPVC door on the property, because they’re afraid doing so may compromise the security of their home. But our modern doors are much more secure than previous models. They’re made from stronger materials, and we fit each of our doors with a secure lock that will keep burglars at bay.

Whether your home is in Knutsford, Winsford, Crewe, or somewhere more secluded and remote, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs. It would be our pleasure to provide you with a quick and competitive quote covering the manufacture, provision and installation of a beautiful uPVC door for your Cheshire property.