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Patio Doors for Tameside Homes: Enhance Your Home’s Look and Functionality

Our range of patio doors provides you with an ideal way to enhance the look and functionality of your home. We have supplied thousands of homeowners with our custom-made patio doors, so whether you live in a town like Denton, or a suburb of Ashton-under-Lyne like Hartshead, Hazelhurst or Hurst, Malbern has the perfect set of patio doors for your Tameside property.

Enhancing Your Home’s Appearance

When a well-chosen set of patio doors complements the design and style of a home it really enhances the overall appearance of the property. As we offer a comprehensive selection of quality finishes, including a superb selection of timber finishes to complement your home’s existing materials and colours, we can help you select the most ideal colours to bring out the very best qualities of your home. And as our patio doors are available in aluminium, composite, timber and UPVC, we’re able to offer you a great choice of materials so your new doors will perfectly match your property’s exterior.

Our design team will discuss your design and colour scheme ideas and requirements with you before our skilled manufacturing team manufacture your custom patio doors at our modern manufacturing facilities here in Denton and our installation team installs them at your home.

By providing our clients with a bespoke service, you can rest assured that we’re able to deliver a faultless fit, with our premium-quality custom made patio doors sliding perfectly into place regardless of how unusual the exterior design of your home may be. We can custom make beautiful patio doors for Tameside properties of all styles, from the modern to the traditional.

Enhancing Functionality with Patio Doors

With their large glass panes and narrow frames, our patio door range represents an excellent means of bringing the outdoors in, but our doors also make it feasible to bring the indoors out, and seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor living areas. This significantly enhances the functionality of your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces, making it so much easier for you to:

  • Entertain Family and Friends – When the indoor and outdoor living spaces of your home are opened up onto one another, entertaining family and friends becomes a breeze. Traditional door styles significantly limit this lifestyle enhancing functionality, placing a barrier between the kitchen and indoor living area and the patio and garden.
  • Relax and Play – With enhanced views all year long, an invigorating breeze on a summer’s day, or the sun shining through the double-glazed glass and bringing natural light and warmth indoors on a fresh winter’s morning, our beautiful range of locally manufactured patio doors provide homeowners with more opportunities to relax and their children to play in the comfort of their homes.

Additionally, our patio doors are manufactured with argon filled double-glazed A grade glass to provide superior energy efficiency that empowers you to take control of your energy bills like never before. Whether you’re looking forward to enjoying more natural light shining through the patio doors at your semi-detached Stalybridge house or opening up your Fairfield home to the glorious summer sun, our range of patio doors are ideal for all Tameside properties.