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Attractive Patio Doors for Cheshire Homes: Opening a World of Possibilities

Our superb selection of patio doors enables you to open up the interior of your home to the many wonders of nature. Manufactured here in the North West using high-quality materials, our broad range of patio doors are perfect for all Cheshire homes, from semi-detached double-storey homes in urban Chester to single-storey cottages in Bunbury and Gawsworth. Whatever the style of your home or the outdoor space onto which your patio doors will open, Malbern can manufacture, supply and install the perfect set of patio doors for your home and lifestyle.

Live Free Wherever You Reside

Patio doors deliver freedom in abundance, from the superb ventilation they provide when opened up fully, to the plentiful natural light they allow into the house, even when closed in the winter months. Our secure patio doors provide a seamless transition from the interior of your home into your patio and garden and they also enable you to make great use of these outdoor spaces when the weather is lovely and there’s no place you’d rather be than outdoors at home.

  • Integrating Indoor and Outdoor Spaces – Patio doors enable a wonderful transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces in residential properties. Whether it’s your kitchen or living area that you open up onto your patio or garden, you’ll enjoy a delightful feeling of openness. This is a feeling of freedom that patio doors deliver in abundance, making them an excellent choice for homes with gardens and patios.
  • Enhanced Entertaining Possibilities – With your indoor spaces opening up onto your back garden or patio you’ll also enjoy more entertaining options, providing you with more opportunities to entertain family and friends at home in the warmer months.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency – Our patio doors are manufactured using A Grade glass, which is the highest rating on a scale of A – G. Combined with the high-standards of workmanship our skilled manufacturing team deliver at our local manufacturing facilities in Denton, you’ll enjoy the benefits of premium-quality double-glazed glass that’s three times more energy efficient than conventional glazed units.
  • Excellent Security – Security is a pressing issue in all parts of the country, even in quiet, rural parts of Cheshire. At Malbern, all our patio doors are highly secure and have been tested to ensure they meet the rigorous standards that our clients insist on. To further enhance security, our composite doors, which are our toughest, are an excellent choice.

Our design experts have more than 30 years’ experience in designing an excellent range of high-quality patio doors for Cheshire homeowners, so you can rest assured that we’re able to manufacture, supply and install a set of patio doors that are perfectly suited to the aesthetic properties of your home and the outdoor spaces onto which they’ll open.

Whether you reside in bustling suburban Warrington or a cosy cottage nestled among the lush Disley countryside, you can rely on Malbern to help you enhance your home’s appearance, energy efficiency and functionality with a beautiful set of high-quality patio doors that open a world of possibilities.