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Beautiful Orangeries for Cheshire Homes: Bring a Little Nature Indoors

Our superb range of orangeries provides you with an excellent way to bring the beauty of nature into your home while maintaining the indoor creature comforts you don’t want to do without. Whether you live in an urban area of Chester or Warrington, or an idyllic rural location such as the pretty village of Alderley Edge, we have an exquisite range of orangeries that will enhance the external aesthetic properties of your home while creating a place in which to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature at all times of the year.

Built to perfection using the highest quality materials at our manufacturing facility in the North West by experienced and highly skilled tradespeople, you can rely on Malbern to design, manufacture and install an orangery that perfectly suits the style of your home and enables you to bring a little nature indoors to brighten even the darkest and gloomiest of winter days.

Outdoor Beauty, Indoor Comfort

Like conservatories, orangeries were once only accessible to the fabulously wealthy and the upper echelons of society but nowadays most homeowners can enjoy the many advantages that orangeries provide Cheshire homes with. The advantages these structures provide include:

  • More natural light and heat – Because our orangeries are enclosed glass structures with glass roofs and walls, they enable more natural light and heat to enter. This is ideal for residential properties across the country, especially in the North, as our orangeries enable homeowners to enjoy maximum natural light and heat throughout the day.
  • Outstanding insulation – Because the glass panes of our premium orangeries are A rated glass, they deliver outstanding insulation that helps homeowners keep their energy bills under control. A rated glass is the most energy efficient glass on a scale of A – G, so these glass panes provide superb insulation throughout the coldest months of the year.
  • A Wide Range of Colours – With an excellent selection of colours to choose from there’s no longer any need to opt for a white orangery, though white is a popular choice and provides a superb contrast against dark colours, like a red brick wall, for example. Malbern is able to provide a broad range of attractive wood grain options to perfectly match your orangery against the existing materials and colour schemes of your home.
  • Added Value – Orangeries add value to Cheshire homes, making these home extensions an excellent investment in your financial future in addition to enhancing the enjoyment you receive in the present. By adding an orangery to your home you’re significantly increasing your living space as well as its appeal to potential homebuyers in the future.

Our orangeries increase your living space, enhance your property’s value and your time spent at home, and provide you with the perfect means of bringing a little nature indoors throughout the year. Whether you live in Chester or a charming village in the heart of the county like Lymm or Tarporley, a premium-quality Malbern orangery will enhance your home and your time in so many ways. Contact the team today for a highly-competitive quote on our beautiful orangeries.