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The Benefits Of Low Interest Double Glazing In Manchester

Who doesn’t want their windows to be more energy efficient? It’s so important for homeowners to reduce their bills where they can and make their homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer – which is where low interest double glazing in Manchester really comes into its own.

Did you know you could actually save yourself hundreds of pounds if you install double glazing in a property that currently only has single glazing at the moment? Figures from the Energy Saving Trust show that if you own a detached house with A rated windows, you could save yourself between £120 and £160 each year… certainly not to be sneezed at!

The key benefits of more energy-efficient windows are:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • A more comfortable home with fewer cold spots, draughts and heat loss through your windows
  • A quieter home, with less noise able to come into the house from outside
  • A smaller carbon footprint
  • Reduced condensation on the insides of your windows

So what do you need to do if you want to install double glazing at home? First of all, you’ll need to get in touch with your local planning office to see if it matters that you live in a listed building (if you do) or if you live in a conservation area, as this could have an impact on your home improvement plans.

What is important is that if you find you are able to have double glazing installed, you make sure you use a reputable company that is registered with one of the relevant bodies. This way, you’ll know that your windows will be fitted in line with building regulations standards in the UK. If you do decide to use an installer that isn’t registered with a relevant scheme such as those on the Competent Persons Register, you will need to apply for building control approval first.

Another key consideration is, of course, cost. Paying upfront for new double glazed windows may not be possible for you, in which case sorting out some kind of finance could be the way to go. Alternatively, discuss the matter with your choice of window supplier and installer, and they’re sure to be able to help you work out the best way of paying so you can have the home of your dreams and not be out of pocket. Here at Malbern Windows, we offer low interest rates with 0% deposit, so double glazed windows are even more affordable.