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The Different Styles Of Low Interest Conservatories In Manchester

If you’re looking into home improvements at the moment, you’re sure to have considered the benefits of having a low interest conservatory added to your home in Manchester. Such extensions can add serious value to your property and are highly sought after among housebuyers all over the UK, so whether you’re planning on moving in the near future or not, these projects are always worth doing, whatever your end goal.

What you should first consider when planning a conservatory installation is the kind of style you’d most like to see – and which would best suit your particular property. Here are some of the more popular conservatory styles you might like to weigh up.

Georgian Conservatories

This style of conservatory is very similar to the Edwardian style, and is very light and airy – perfect if you’re planning on adding more space for the family to sit down and spend time together in. They are characterised by a square symmetrical shape and a flat front, which makes it particularly easy to arrange your furniture and house plants in. Georgian conservatories are hugely popular today since they work well on any sort of building, although – naturally – they do look best on true-blue Georgian architecture.

Victorian Conservatories

This is arguably the most popular type of conservatory and they look incredible on any style of housing, so there’s no need to worry unduly about the architecture you already have in place. These conservatories are characterised by ornate details, a steep roof and a bay front with three windows at wide angles. These days, Victorian conservatories are made out of aluminium and PVCu, so you’ll find that they really stand the test of time and you’ll be able to enjoy your summer house for years to come. To keep your property looking uniform, ensure that the exterior of your conservatory matches the exterior of your house.

P-Shape Conservatories

If you have the outdoor space, then the best option for you may well be a P-shape conservatory. You can either opt for a five-faceted or three-faceted conservatory, so it’s a highly versatile option and can be used for a variety of purposes thanks to its interesting shape. You could, for example, opt to have a dining room in the longer part of the conservatory and then have a play room at the other end, or perhaps use it to grow your potted plants. To find out more about the different shapes and styles of conservatories available to you, get in touch with us here at Malbern Windows and Doors.