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High-Quality Double Glazing in Tameside: Delivering a Wealth of Benefits

Malbern’s superb range of custom manufactured double-glazed windows and doors has a wealth of benefits to offer all homeowners. We have been manufacturing, supplying and installing quality double-glazed products to Tameside homeowners for more than thirty years, so whether you live in Ashton-under-Lyne, Droylsden, Longdendale or Stalybridge, you can rely on Malbern to custom manufacture and install the very best double-glazed windows and doors.

A More Energy Efficient Home

Energy efficiency is important in all parts of the country, especially here in the North with our cold winters and our often surprisingly hot summers that take many of us by surprise. Double glazing provides first-rate energy efficiency by keeping warm air indoors and cold air out in winter, and the cool air generated by air conditioners in and the heat out during the summer.

As our premium double-glazed windows and doors are almost three times as energy efficient as conventionally glazed units, expect to enjoy significant savings on your energy bills. In fact, our double-glazed units manufactured in Denton are filled with argon and actually exceed the latest energy efficiency standards in the UK. That makes for an extremely energy efficient home.

A Quieter Home

Even in the quietest areas of Tameside, like Broadbottom near Stalybridge, and Haigh, between Wigan and Bolton, external noise is often a problem for a number of homeowners. Fortunately, double glazing is excellent for soundproofing and can reduce external noise by as much as 70% over traditional 3 – 4mm single pane glass, which is what most homeowners upgrade from.

This significant reduction in external noise is highly beneficial for all homeowners, whether you experience trouble sleeping or simply don’t want to be disturbed by the sound of your neighbour mowing the lawn on a Saturday morning. Speak to our team today to learn more about the noise reduction properties of double glazing and how it can benefit you at home.

A More Secure Home

Traditional single-glazed windows and doors offer next to no protection from intruders as they are easily lifted out of the frame or broken to enable entrance to residential properties. Double-glazed products, on the other hand, are securely fitted to frames, they’re internally glazed as standard so the glass panes can’t be removed from outside by intruders, and as there are two panes rather than one, to break a window or door to gain entry would create significant noise.

Our installation team has installed thousands of doors and windows with 3mm thick external walls for homeowners and use the most effective techniques to ensure our high-grade window and door frames, all of which feature mitred and heat welded corners, are completely secure.

Double glazing is ideal for all Tameside homes. Whether you live in Denton, Ashton Town or Knott Lanes, our broad range of double-glazed windows and doors will not only enhance your home’s comfortable properties but also its aesthetic qualities. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a competitive quote for the manufacture, supply, and installation of beautiful argon filled double-glazed windows and doors for your home.