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Double Glazing for Cheshire Homes: The Ideal Choice for All Residential Properties

Whether you’re looking at updating the tired old windows in your Chester flat or bringing the outdoors inside with a new set of French or patio doors for your house in Marbury, double glazing is ideal for all Cheshire homes, from modern properties to those more traditional in style. At Malbern, we custom manufacture, supply and install a wide range of windows and doors to ensure all homeowners can enjoy the many benefits that double glazing provides.

A World of Benefits for Cheshire Homeowners

Double glazing has a world of outstanding benefits to offer Cheshire homeowners. We have been manufacturing, supplying and installing custom made windows and doors for more than thirty years and we’re delighted to offer homeowners a fantastic range of argon filled double-glazed products which offer an amazing array of benefits that include:

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency – Double glazing makes homes more comfortable all year-round by keeping the heat out during the summer and the warmth in during the winter. Our argon filled double-glazed panes are 2.8 times more energy efficient than traditionally glazed units, which means you can expect to enjoy significant savings on your energy bills once our installation team has installed your new windows and doors.
  • Reduced External Noise – Whether you live in a bustling area of Warrington or yearn to sleep through the sound of birds chirping outside your rural home in sleepy Malpas, our double-glazed windows and doors offer excellent noise reduction properties. Noise pollution affects many households, so consider investing in double glazing for your Cheshire home and enjoy a significant reduction in noise pollution by as much as 70%.
  • Reduced Condensation – Condensation is caused when warm air meets a cold surface, for example, the warm air inside your home meeting the cold surface of a window pane. Traditionally glazed windows and doors are notable for the amount of condensation they create which can cause all sorts of problems, such as the moisture trickling down and damaging the door or window frame, the carpet or the floor surface.
  • Enhance Your Home’s Value – Because a home with double-glazed windows and doors is a quieter, more energy efficient home that isn’t affected by condensation and other issues, it’s consequently a more valuable home. Our wide range of argon filled double-glazed products enhances the financial value of your residential property, delivering more equity in your home and all the benefits that entails.

Fabricated to the highest standards by our manufacturing team at our advanced manufacturing facility in the North West, all our double-glazed products are made to your exact specifications from high-grade materials. Our extensive range of first-class windows and doors exceed the latest UK energy efficiency standards for double-glazed units to provide superior insulation, noise reduction and a range of other benefits at all times of the year, from the coldest winter nights to the most glorious summer days.

From idyllic rural cottages in picturesque villages such as Stockton Heath to the busiest urban areas of Chester, homeowners can rely on Malbern to supply double-glazed doors and windows of the highest quality.