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Premium-Quality Doors for Tameside Homes: A Superb Range to Suit All Properties

Malbern supplies an extensive range of premium-quality doors to suit the aesthetic properties of all homes. From front doors to French doors and bi-fold doors, we manufacture, supply and install a superb range of doors to help you enhance your residential property and the time you spend there. Whether you reside in a cottage in Ashton-under-Lyne or a two-storey home in Dukinfield, our selection of doors is sure to include a door style that suits your home perfectly.

Front Doors – The Focal Point of Your Home

Front doors are the focal point of properties and make powerful statements, including just how secure the property is. Security is an important consideration when selecting a front door, but so is style, the materials and suitability, after all, you don’t want your front door to look out of place. At Malbern, you can choose from a comprehensive range of front door styles or provide our designers with your choice of artwork to create a front door that’s perfect for your home.

French Doors – Bring the Garden and Natural Light into Your Home

An excellent means of transitioning from one area to another, most notably a kitchen or an indoor living area into the back garden or patio, our French doors help Tameside homeowners increase the natural light that enters their indoor living areas, create the feeling of more space and can be manufactured to any size, making them an ideal choice for all residential properties.

With the superior insulation properties of argon filled double-glazed glass, our locally manufactured French doors reduce external noise and provide outstanding heat retention and energy efficiency throughout the winter.

Bi-Fold Doors – Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Our superb range of bi-fold doors enables you to bring even more of the beautiful outdoors into the comfort of your home. Opening right up to allow an abundance of natural light to enter your home, you’ll enjoy a clear and unobstructed view of your garden and patio, not to mention unparalleled ventilation and the inimitable feeling of freedom and uninhibited openness.

Our skilled installation teams have installed thousands of bi-fold doors in Tameside and across the North West, and as we only supply to order they’re sure to be the perfect fit for your home.

An Excellent Selection of Colours and Materials to Suit All Properties

At Malbern, we provide homeowners with a terrific selection of colours and materials so everyone can select a front, bi-fold or French door that’s ideally suited to the existing colour schemes and design considerations of their property.

White, rosewood and golden oak are among the many popular colours in our comprehensive range of quality finishes that are perfect for the front doors of cottages in Mossley or Stalybridge, and we offer a choice of aluminium, composite and timber for our bi-fold and French doors that are perfect for opening up onto the back gardens and patios of homes in Audenshaw or Denton.

To discuss your requirements or learn more about our superb, locally manufactured door range, contact Malbern today.